>Royalist Voice Silenced By Mam Sonando


Royalist Voice silenced by Mam Sonando’s Voice of the People: Unethical Beehive station self-censorship?
Beehive Radio station suspends the broadcasting of the NRP program12 October 2007By Phan Sophat Radio Free AsiaTranslated from Khmer by Socheata
The popular Beehive radio station which has been broadcasting foreign radio stations, NGOs and political parties programs, issued a declaration today indicating the suspension of the broadcasting of the Samleng Reacheaniyum (Royalist Voice) of the NRP. The station indicated that the program could affect the honor of certain individuals.In a letter sent by Mam Sonando, director of the Beehive station – Voice of the people, to the director of the NRP radio program, Mam Sonando indicated that the suspension of the program will take effect between 12 and 14 October 2007.Mam Sonando told RFA that the reason for the suspension was not due to political pressure.Nevertheless, Muth Chantha, NRP spokesman, reacted to this suspension by accusing the station’s decision as being undemocratic, and it is of political nature.Muth Chantha said: “Therefore, his decision to suspend us between 12 to 14 October is an unjust issue, and this is not a democratic radio station as he (Mam Sonando) claimed it to be. We see this meaning, we believe that this issue does not involve the law or anything else, but it is a political pressure. First, he sells broadcasting time, therefore, he is afraid that his radio station could be shut down and he would lose his job. Secondly, it could be that he was under political pressure because of his possible involvement with some political party, who knows?”The suspension of the Royalist Voice program by the NRP which is broadcasted on the Beehive radio station one hour each day, is another ugly affair following last week’s decision by the ministry of information to suspend the Khmer Amatak newspaper which is a paper also supporting the NRP.Human rights organizations indicated that these suspensions constitute a bad sign for the freedom of expression, and they could be construed as an unsavory political design to denigrate Prince Ranaridddh, the NRP president.
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