>Princess Arunrasmy and Prince Chakrapong Fought Bitterly

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Arunrasmy(L), Sihanouk and Chakrapong (R)
By Savery Sralanh Khmer newspaper
Translated from Khmer by Heng Soy
Prince Norodom Chakrapong and Princess Norodom Arunrasmy allegedly fought each other hard in front of King-Father at the royal palace. This fight allegedly took place a few days before King-Father’s birthday, and it made King-Father very angry and he cancelled the plan for a banquet to be held for royal family members during his birthday.A source close to the royal palace cabinet indicated that on 29 October, Prince Arunrasmy and Prince Chakrapong, both children of King-Father from different mothers, visited King-Father at the royal palace before the celebration of King-Father’s 85th to 86th birthday. The source indicated that King-Father planned to organize a reception of the royal family members, in particular with his children, on 31 October 2007.However, an official from the royal palace told Sralanh Khmer (SK) yesterday that Prince Chakrapong allegedly scolded Princess Arunrasmy who accepted the Funcinpec premiership candidacy, and then the fight ensued. The source indicated that King-Father was angry at both of his children on the day before his birthday. His children should have brought him good news, and they should not fight each other at the palace during this occasion. King-Father allegedly kicked out both of his children during that occasion.A member of the royal family who was not present during the fight between Princess Arunrasmy and Prince Chakrapong, expressed his view to SK that it could be that Prince Chakrapong was angry that his sister accepted the Fucinpec premiership candidate, because this position was set up by Lu Lay Sreng, F’pec vice-president No. 1, and Nhiek Bun Chhay, F’pec secretary-general. The same royal family member indicated also that Nhiek Bun Chhay and Lu Lay Sreng are leading Funcinpec by turning it into a satellite party of Hun Sen, therefore the pair nominated Princess Arunrasmy to the premiership candidate while knowing beforehand that she will lose, and doesn’t this make her a puppet of a puppet?The same royal family member added that if Prince Chakrapong criticized Princess Arunrasmy as a puppet of Hun Sen from the CPP party, this situation is no different from when Prince Chakrapong himself led a group of Funcinpec soldiers to surrender to the CPP before the 1993 UNTAC election, and then the prince led a secession troop in the region east of the Mekong River to oppose the election victory of the Funcinpec party during that time.Another royal family member indicated that, lately, overseas Cambodians asked King-Father Norodom Sihanouk to clarify in front of the KR Tribunal. This request was met with King-Father’s displeasure, and the majority of King-Father’s followers also vent their anger against the person who made the request. Therefore, during King-Father’s birthday celebration, royal family members should bring in good news to King-Father in order to please him, they should not fight in front of him and made him cancel the planned banquet.The source close to the royal palace cabinet indicated that the fight started with the criticisms leveled by Prince Chakrapong against Princess Arunrasmy who earlier accepted to become F’pec premiership candidate.Last week, Prince Thomico criticized Nhiek Bun Chhay and Lu Lay Sreng, calling them traitors to the monarchy and to Sihanoukism. The prince also accused Princess Arunrasmy for accepting the premiership candidacy which was an idea brought forth by Nhiek Bun Chhay and Lu Lay Sreng, rather than an idea proposed by F’pec party members from all overt the country during the party congress, held on 18 October 2007.Prince Thomico added that Princess Arunrasmy’s acceptance led to the fight between her and Prince Ranariddh, both of whom are King-Father’s children.Lu Lay Sreng told a local radio station, on Saturday, that Prince Thomico should resign from F’pec so that he wouldn’t lose face, because ultimately, he will be kicked out the party anyway, therefore the prince should immediately resign from F’pec. However, Prince Thomico said that he will not resign from F’pec, and he believes that the party leadership will not kick him out just because he simply expressed his opinion.Nhiek Bun Chhay declared to the same local radio station that Prince Thomico is a wandering politician, and by habit, he usually criticizes the party’s internal affairs and the royal family members. Nhiek Bun Chhay said that during the struggle (against the invading Vietnamese troops) along the border, when he visited the troops, Prince Thomico only criticized and attacked Prince Ranariddh, the Funcinpec army commander-in-chief.However, Prince Thomico used to tell SK that he joined F’pec at the border even before Prince Ranariddh did, however, he resigned because he didn’t want to fight with Prince Ranariddh.Lately, royal family members are fighting each others like copiously, and their disputes make the public very fed up. Some royal family members not only fought for power, they also fought each others in front of King-Father, just like what Prince Chakapong and Princess Arunrasmy allegedly did.
source: Ki-Media
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