>Kem Sokha calls on Prince Ranariddh to take oath


Left: Prince Ranariddh; Right: HRP President Kem Sokha (Photo: Sralanh Khmer newspaper)Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Original article from Sralanh Khmer newspaper


Translated from Khmer by Heng Soy

Kem Sokha, HRP President, reacted angrily to the accusation made by Prince Ranariddh saying that the HRP was formed because Hun Sen’s CPP party provided the funding. Kem Sokha called on Prince Ranariddh to take an oath with him. Kem Sokha’s strong reaction came a few days earlier during his meeting with his supporters in Kampot province. Kem Sokha claimed with strong determination that he never received any money from Hun Sen at all, not even one riel or one penny. He added that he called on Prince Ranariddh to take an oath with him, saying that whoever is not telling the truth, may lightning strikes him. This is the first reaction by Kem Sokha to Prince Ranariddh following an earlier rejection by Kem Sokha to merge his party with the prince’s party and other democrats in order to clench victory in the upcoming 2008 election.
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