>Ranariddh: If I am not allowed to be involved in politics, soon the republicans will squeeze each other, just like in the past

> Picture: Ranariddh (right) talking to his son, Prince Sotheariddh with his second wife, Ouk Phalla looking on in the backround.

Ranariddh: “If I am not allowed to be involved in politics, soon the republicans will squeeze each others, just like in the past”
Ranariddh: If the royals are prohibited from getting involved in politics, he will drop his royal title

Monday, December 31, 2007

Koh Santepheap newspaperTranslated from Khmer by Socheata
courtesy of http://ki-media.blogspot.com

Prince Norodom Ranariddh, NRP president, declared one more time about his desire to remain in politics, in spite of the fact that there is a new current wanting to see royal family members ending their political involvements.Speaking by phone from Malaysia, the prince discussed with his supporters at his party headquarters on 30 December 2007. The prince claimed that he will drop his royal title and become a normal citizen so that he can be involved in politics, if the current to end the political involvement of royal family members is indeed really strong.The prince said that the reason he would drop his royal title, would be so that he can be involved in politics at a time when the Cambodian people live in misery, as is now. He said that, in the past, the people were subjected to hardship, like during the Khmer Republic regime, and this upset the royals.The prince added: “There’s nobody else, only the royals are voicing for justice for the people who are the owners of the lands and waters, and owners of the nation, and if the royals are prohibited from being involved in politics, I will drop my royal title.” The prince asked how could he remain idle when the country is currently facing with all these problems? People should judge as to whether the royals should stop being involved in politics or not?Recently, a number of royals declared that they resigned from politics, during a time when there is a current discussing about a draft law to pull the royals out of the political scene. Prince Ranariddh said: “A number of royals went into their (CPP) camp already, and a number of other royals are preparing to follow a neutral politics also.”Prince Ranariddh called on Funcinpec party members who used to support him, to come and join the NRP instead because he claims that he will turn the NRP to be like Funcinpec when it was under his leadership, unlike the current Funcinpec party.Prince Ranariddh said: “Should Ranariddh shut his mouth or not, if there is Norodom Ranariddh alone only? If I am not allowed to be involved in politics, soon the republicans will squeeze each others, just like in the past.”The prince called again the SRP and the HRP to unite with his party, the NRP, and these two parties should not voice out on their own as they cannot win over the current ruling party. However, the prince’s call was recently rejected by both parties.The prince also accused the National Assembly which plans to introduce a law forcing the royals to stay out of politics, calling it a human rights violation and a waste of time because the law is aimed at one person only (the prince himself). The prince also asked for the cancellation of the monogamy law and the army drafting law because the army drafting law does not (send soldiers to) fight with anybody, it is only used to draft into the army the sons of poor people.The prince said that he is confident he will have the opportunity to return back to Cambodia before the upcoming 2008 election. However, he said that there is no clear guarantee yet on his return.

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