>Competition to produce King Jayavarman VII film

>Statue of King Jayavarman VII seated cross-legged.

Friday, January 04, 2008
Translated from Khmer by Heng Soy
After the unsuccessful attempt by a Thai film producer in its request to produce a movie on King Jayavarman VII, two local groups are vying to produce the movie on this famous Angkor-era king. One of the groups belongs to Moeung Son, the advisory chairman of the Khmer Civilization Committee, who wants to produce this movie on the famous king, and the other group is the Cambodian Writers Association. Kong Kantara, the director of the department of culture and cinematography of the Ministry of Culture, said that he received the request made by Sim Vanna, the chairman of the Cambodian Writers Association last week, to start producing this film on King Jayavarman VII. However, Kong Kantara said that he cannot allow two companies to produce the same movie at the same time. Moeung Son said that he does not have any objection if the Cambodian Writers Association wants to produce this movie, then he will pull out his request.
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