>Lu Laysreng sent birthday wishes to Prince Ranariddh


Just to be on the safe side, Lu Laysreng sent birthday wishes to Prince Ranariddh anyway

Friday, January 4, 2008


Translated from Khmer by Socheata

courtesy of http://ki-media.blogspot.com

What was noticeable and caused a stir during the 65th birthday celebration for Prince Ranariddh, on 02 January, was the fact that Lu Laysreng (pictured)– vice-prime minister and No. 1 deputy secretary-general of the Funcinpec party, who is known as one of the important leaders who fomented the coup de party to remove Prince Ranariddh from Funcinpec – sent a well-wishing birthday letter to the prince, as well as a video tape showing the activities which took place during the resistance period near the Thai border. The Samleng Yuveakchun Khmer (Voice of Khmer Youth) newspaper which supports the NRP party, reported that the prince already received Lu Laysreng’s letter and video, and he even showed them to the more than 100 NRP officials who flew to Malaysia to participate in the prince’s birthday bash. The Voice of Khmer Youth said that it is unknown about what Lu Laysreng wanted to show to the prince and the high-ranking NRP party officials, and that attempts made to obtain clarification from Lu Laysreng was unsuccessful.

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