>Khmer Lands Lost to Thailand


Dear Compatriots,

These are the maps showing the areas around the Preah Vihear Temple. I received these maps from Mr. Thhai Makarar. This is a personal view of Mr. Thhai Makarar, but Khmerization found his personal view to be very relevant and consistent with the established views that the areas around Preah Vihear site had been encroached significantly by Thailand.
The map on top is a Google map of Cambodia in 2008 showing the borderlines as drawn by the U.S Army in 1954 and the lines drawn by Google in 2008 between Cambodia and Thailand. The 1954 U.S Map clearly shows that Cambodia’s borlines were deep inside Thailand but in 2008 the borderlines were pushed deep inside Cambodia. This means that Thailand had encroached significantly around the Preah Vihear site deep inside Cambodia’s territories. The map below is a U.S Army map, drawn in 1954. Please read the maps and judge for yourself.

I wish to thank Thhai Makarar for these maps. Mr. Thhai, if you have anything you want me to publish in my blog please don’t hesitate to send them to me. I will be happy to publish them all here.

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