>PM: Cambodia could mediate between DPRK, S Korea

>(L-R) Lee Myung Bak’s wife, Hun Sen, Lee Myung Bak and Bun Rany (Hun Sen’s wife).

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has suggested that Cambodia could mediate between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and South Korea, as unlike most countries it enjoys good relations with both, local newspaper the Mekong Times said Wednesday. Speaking at the inauguration of a South Korean-funded project to revitalize National Road 3, Hun Sen revealed that the recently-elected president of South Korea,Mr. Lee Myung Bak, himself a former advisor to Hun Sen, had asked him to relay a message to the DPRK Prime Minister during a recent official visit. South Korea bears no bad intentions for the DPRK, in fact it plans to assist it in the economic and humanitarian sectors, Hun Sen said. The fact that Cambodia has had strong diplomatic ties with South Korea since 1996, dose not mean that Cambodia ignores the DPRK, he added. Political analysts have said Cambodia is in a unique position to mediate between the two as Hun Sen has a good relationship with South Korea while former King Norodom Sihanouk has held close links with the DPRK and China for decades. Source:Xinhua
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