>Thai PM to sue two daily newspapers (Over Preah Vihear Issues)

> Samak (right) talks to Hun Sen (left) during his visit to Cambodia on 3rd March, 2008.

(BangkokPost.com) – Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej launched an attack on two daily newspapers on Sunday, charging they had inaccurate reporting and stating he will sue them both. The premier did not name the newspapers but it’s believed the anti-government Thai Post may be one of them.
During his weekly television programme, “Speaking in Samak’s Style,” the premier said the newspapers featured articles saying the Thai government had attempted to negotiate with Cambodia, trading rights to land around the Phra Vihear temple for access to Cambodian oil fields.
He denied the story but did not explain what grounds he will use in the lawsuit.
“After holding talks with Cambodian leader Hun Sen, the Thai government agreed that if the United Nations requires that the area of Phra Vihear temple which concerns Thailand also be included in the registration process for it to be regarded as a World Heritage site, then Thailand will make the proposal for Phrea Vihear to be registered as a UN World Heritage site jointly with Cambodia,” he said.
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