>Ranariddh Official Calls for Arrest in Death Threat

NRP logo bearing Prince Ranaridhh’s picture.

By Heng Reaksmey, VOA Khmer
Original report from Phnom Penh
12 May 2008
A senior official of the Norodom Ranariddh Party called on authorities to arrest a ruling party member Monday, following an alleged threat to an activist.

NRP activist Sreng Srout, of Svay Chi Kray village in Preah Vihear province, was alleged threatened on Thursday by a Cambodian People’s Party deputy village chief, Ngim Thol, according to Sok Sokun, an NRP parliamentary candidate.

Sreng Srout claims he was threatened on arriving at a party last week to celebrate the posting of a Norodom Ranariddh sign, Sok Sokun said.

Ngim Thol could not be reached for comment. Former village chief Rim Thy confirmed that threat but denied it was political.

Sok Sokun said Monday such threats would no longer be tolerated, and called for Ngim Thol to be jailed.

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