>Long Visalo: I Was Assigned To Prepare a Re-Education Camp In Boeng Trabek


Mr. Long Visalo, during his interview with the media on 9th May, 2008.
Letter from the State Secretary for Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation


Special thanks for your five copies of “Searching For The Truth”. Although I am very busy with my work, I still spend some time reading several articles in the magazine. Every time I open it, it seems to recall the era of suffering I endured under the Pol Pot leadership. I arrived at Pochentong Airport on May 23, 1976. My passport was taken and I myself was sent by bus to Institut Technique Khmè-Soviétique. Some time later, I was assigned to prepare a re-education camp in Boeng Trabek known as “B-3”. I was once sent by Angkar to do farming in Ta Lei Village next to Cheoung Ek and in an area north of Chrang Cham Res. Besides, Angkar asked me to design a DK map, as they knew I was a Ingénieur des Géomètres. Some of your articles remind me of the past, because after the 1970 coup, I became a member of FUNK. I undertook several political sessions with Angkar’s leading cadre when I lived in Phnom Penh between 1976-1979. In 1982, I was an ambassador and ambassador-at-large to Latin America and Africa, where I also explained to the world about the genocide in Cambodia.
Once again, I would like to thank you for leading my feelings through your magazine’s articles, which reflect my real life during that time. It seems to have happened just recently.
Yours sincerely,
Long Visalo, State Secretary for Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.
June 15, 2000

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