>Norodom Ranariddh Party Condemned The National Election Committee For Cancelling The Candidacy Of A Party Candidate

> By Mao Sotheany
Radio Free Asia
14th May 2008
Translated by Khmerization

The Norodom Ranariddh Party (NRP) has condemned the National Election Committee (NEC) for cancelling the name of Mr. Noranarith Annandayath (pictured), deputy secretary and a member of the National Council of the NRP, from the candidacy’s list after the party lodged an application to register his candidacy for the parliamentary seat of Phnom Penh for the upcoming election on 27th July.
(The NEC has said in the past that Mr. Annandayath was not registered as a voter in Phnom Penh).
It was unclear of the reasons for the cancellation of Mr. Annandayath’s name from the candidacy’s list , but in a statement released yesterday, the NRP has asked the NEC that: if the Mr. Annandayth’s name was not on the voters’ list for the seat of Phnom Penh, why then the chief of Toul Tumpuong II district issued him a certificate of confirmation on 10th of May saying that he was on the voters’ list?
Radio Free Asia is unable to obtain any comments from the NEC officials or the officials from the district of Toul Tumpuong II in relation to NRP’s complaints. //
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