>77% think Cambodia moving in right direction: IRI survey

>Mr. Kem Sokha, President of the Human Right Party.

By Touch Yuthea
The Mekong Times

Most Cambodians are happy with the way Cambodia is being run, an International Republican Institute (IRI) survey has claimed, with 77 percent of those asked responding that Cambodia is moving in the right direction and 20 percent saying it was moving in the wrong direction.
The survey, taken Jan 27-Feb 26, asked 2,000 eligible voters from across the Kingdom the simple question: “Is Cambodia generally headed in the right direction or the wrong direction?” said IRI Director John Willis during a press conference yesterday.
The IRI asked respondents to give reasons for their answer, he said.
Road building was the most popular reason for saying Cambodia is moving forward, with 77 percent of people seeing this as a major achievement. School construction came next, with 63 percent, 23 percent plumped for health clinic construction, 20 percent for pagoda construction, 17 percent for bridge building, 14 percent for irrigation and 10 percent for “other”. Better living conditions were a reason why Cambodia is generally headed in the right direction, thought 11 percent of those surveyed, while 7 percent cited peace. Just 9 percent said a good business environment was helping Cambodia develop.
Of reasons why Cambodia is moving in the wrong direction, high goods prices was the most popular at 32 percent, corruption at 30 percent, poverty at 22 percent, energy prices at 20 percent, “business poor” at 15 percent, nepotism at 13 percent, “low, low prices” at 12 percent, “land threat” at 12 percent, the environment at 9 percent and poor infrastructure at 9 percent.
Human Rights Party president Kem Sokha cast aspersions on the IRI’s report, saying that the sample size was too small to be reliable.
“Most Cambodians people do not like the [the present government’s] leadership because it is heading in the wrong direction in all sectors — politics, economy, and society,” he argued. “A more accurate figure would be around 20 percent saying [Cambodia is generally headed] in right direction and more than 70 percent saying the wrong way.”

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