>Hun Sen’s warning: Don’t use the US to threaten the CPP

Translated from Khmer by Socheata
Courtesy of Ki-Media

On Monday, Prime minister Hun Sen warned political leaders who oppose the CPP not to use the USA or EU countries to threaten the CPP. Hun Sen declared that in Cambodia, regardless of the political party, when it is formed, it uses the USA or the EU to threaten the CPP, but the CPP is never scared of that. Hun Sen is raising this issue after some political party leaders indicated that they are friends of current or future US leaders. Hun Sen also criticized some leaders who depend on the US when they face problem, and who also boasted when they meet with US leaders. Hun Sen said that he also knows US leaders, but he never wants to compete to be a friend with the US, nor with all the US politicians. Hun Sen added those who follow the US are almost all dead. Hun Sen pointed out those who are already dead include Marshall Lon Nol who led the coup d’état to topple Prince Sihanouk in March 1970. At the end, Lon Nol, a puppet of the US, was kicked out by the US itself.
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