>Sok Pisey Has Not Returned Home After Discharged From The Hospital


Translated by Khmerization

One month after discharging from the hospital, Sok Pisey (pictured) has not returned home, despite her conditions having improved markedly.

Sources said that Sok Pisey has left the hospital quietly even though she has not been completely recovered from her injuries in a car accident a few months ago. The sources said that after leaving the hospital, Sok Pisey did not return home to Takhmao but stayed at a tailor’s shop called Seam Teav Tailors which is located at Toul Kork.

Some sources said that the reason Sok Pisey stayed at this tailor’s shop, and not at her Takhmao’s house, was because the tailor used to design a fashion for her to wear to performances and concerts on the television. The sources added that her stay there is temporary.

According to her artistic friends, the reason she was not staying at her house at Takhmao was because her father did not want her to know that her mother, her two grandmothers and her niece died in that car accident which she was the driver. The sources added that after the 100-day anniversary of their deaths, she would be allowed to return home to Takhmao. One other reason is that her father wanted to avoid the worsening of her conditions with the shock of their deaths as her blood streams have not returned to full capacity after she lost a lot of blood during the accident. Her father intended to inform her about their deaths only after she had fully recovered.

The same sources added that her father will take her home to Takhmao soon as her conditions had improved markedly.

According to the reports in the Angkor Thom magazine, Sok Pisey’s health had improved impressively because now she is able to walk and her facial features had returned to their original conditions. Now her facial look had returned to its original beauty, thanks to a Phnom Penh cosmetic and beauty shop that helped to take care of her facial injuries. The sources added that, in a month’s time she will be able to perform publicly again. //

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