>Prince Ranariddh Accused Mr. Hun Sen Of Orchestrating His Exile


Radio Free Asia
By San Suwith
Translated by Khmerization

Prince Ranariddh (pictured), President of the Norodom Ranariddh Party has accused Prime Minister Hun Sen of masterminding his exile and of obstructing his return to participate in the national election.

In an interview with Radio Free Asia last night (11th June), the Prince said: “For me, the facts related to my case was that Prime Minister Hun Sen was behind everything that led to my exile. Everybody knows the reasons behind the charges against me, which was purely politically motivated. People only need to listen to Mr. Hun Sen’s speech to know the truth. He had said about putting me on handcuff, putting me in jail, if I decided to return to Cambodia before the High Court decides my case.”

The prime minister has denied on numerous occasions that he has anything to do with Prince Ranariddh’s ouster from the Funcinpec Party’s presidency nor has he involved in the court case against the prince by saying that it is purely his personal affairs and an internal affairs of the Funcinpec Party. //

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