>Sok An asks for education relevant to labor market


By Chun Sophal
The Mekong Times

Higher education institutions should tailor their courses to the domestic labor market, Deputy Prime Minister Sok An (pictured) suggested Thursday.
“The number of unemployed will increase if we do not develop human resources in response to labor market,” he told over 1,000 graduating students in Phnom Penh. “Higher education institutions have to prepare academic programs that can meet the labor market’s demands, because the government wants to harmonize labor forces.”
With an expected 200,000 people entering into the labor market annually by 2011, Sok An said the Kingdom must plan how to best employ its human resources.
Garments, tourism and agriculture are Cambodia’s pillar industries, Sok An continued, and all three have potential for job creation. “We know that targeted
human resources development is the backbone of any nation’s development,” he said. “[E]ducational institutions must strengthen quality in order to meet demands.”
Iv Thong, rector of the National University of Management, said that his university school is currently formulating a strategic plan focusing on the human resource needs of Cambodia in the 21st century.
The government should create proper employment for the tens thousands of jobless students and youths, said Sam Rainsy parliamentarian Son Chhay. “[T]he best way to help provide jobs to those youths is for the government to urge aged government officials to retire,” he said: “We see that over 30 percent of youths were unemployed during the last decade. It is a worry.”

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