>The Cambodian People’s Party Official Threatens Voters In Battambang


The two CPP’s heavyweight, Police Gen. Hok Lundy (L) and his deputy, Gen. Dul Koeun (R).

Radio Free Asia
By Sophalmony
Translated by Khmerization

The Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) leadership had used a threatening strategy to make people vote for them, otherwise Cambodia will plunge into civil strife if the CPP loses the election. In front of about 6,000 people, Gen. Dul Koeun, Vice-President of Battambang CPP’s Taskforce, told the crowd that Cambodia will never have peace if the CPP loses the election.

He said that only the CPP, which is led by Prime Minister Hun Sen, can maintain peace for the people. Gen. Dul Koeun said: “If the CPP wins, everybody will live in peace. But if other parties win, you must know that we will never have peace. If leaders of other parties take power, Cambodia will plunge into turmoil as a leaderless country, the country will face hardship and many people will die”.

Gen. Dul Koeun was making a speech at the Stung Sangke Theatre in Battambang on Saturday where more than 6,000 supporters of the CPP have gathered.

Mr Sam Rainsy, leader of the opposition party, called this speech a threat to voters which shows that the ruling party is unable to solve many problems such as the soaring prices of goods, youth unemployment, land disputes, salary increases and health problems.

Mr. Sam Rainsy said: “It is outdated…..now if they use war as a threat against the people no one will believe them because we are living in an era that no one will believe in war any more. We should be talking about how to develop the country, how to generate jobs for the people, how to solve the soaring prices of goods and how to provide free treatment to patients”.

Mr Tep Nytha, Secretary General of the National Election Committee (NEC), said that all political parties have the rights to conduct legal activities. If their conduct is against the laws or against the constitution then the victims have the right to lodge a complaint. He said: “They can lodge a complaint and the NEC will take appropriate legal actions.”

Mr. Hang Puthea, chairman of the NGO, Nicfec, said that many political parties are campaigning ahead of the election illegally. He said that any campaigns that use threats are against the laws.

It must be noted that the election campaign period is from 26th June to 25th July for the election which will be held on the 27th of July. //

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