>President Of The Sam Rainsy Party Accused The PM Of Fabrications

>Mr. Hun Sen flanked by his military leaders.

By Mayarith
Radio Free Asia 16th June 2008
Translated by Khmerization

Mr Sam Rainsy has accused the government of Prime Minister Hun Sen of fabrications after it ordered former Sam Rainsy Party (SRP) defector, Lek Bun Nhean, to co-operate with military intelligence unit and senior military leaders to reinvestigate the assassination attempt on Prime Minister Hun Sen’s life a decade earlier.

Mr Sam Rainsy’s reactions happened one day after the PM ordered an investigation.

Mr Sam Rainsy said today that the order by Mr. Hun Sen to Mr Lek Bun Nhean to co-operate with the Military Intelligence Unit and other senior military leaders to investigate the assassinate attempt on his life in 1998 will be an investigation on an invented story.

Mr Sam Rainsy said: “Go and ask Mr. Sok Yoeun because Mr. Hun Sen’s court has convicted him because they wanted to arrest him but Mr. Sok Yoeun has been granted political asylum in Finland due to intervention from the U.N. They knew that this story is a fabrication, an invented story in order to divert attention from the real problems facing the nation. Mr Hun Sen cannot solve the problems of land disputes, the problems of the soaring prices of goods and he cannot contain the anger of the population so he has to invent whatever a story he can think of.”

Mr Sok Yoeun was an SRP activist convicted by the Cambodian court on charges of conspiring to assassinate PM Hunn Sen. Presently he is residing in Finland.

Yesterday PM Hun Sen has said that he has already appointed Mr. Lek Bun Nhean as advisor to the Defence Ministry to carry out the investigation on the attempt on his life in 1998.

Mr Hun Sen said: “Nhean, you have a job to do, because what you have done in the past were more related to the issues of terrorism. His Excellency (Gen.) Meas Sophea will work with His Excellency (Gen.) Mol Roeub and His Excellency Mol Roeub will work with you. All relevant documents are not just for broadcasting on national TV because this case is very important and is related to espionage so we have to reinvestigate this case again.”

Mr Sam Rainsy said that he doesn’t even know Mr. Lek Bun Nhean and he said that he is not concerned at all with Mr. Hun Sen’s order to reinvestigate the incident.

Mr Sam Rainsy said: “No, I am not concerned at all, not even the slightest. It is laughable. This shows that the present government of Mr. Hun Sen does not serve the country, does not solve the problems facing the people such as the land disputes and the soaring prices of goods etc., but are trying to invent futile stories that nobody will believe.”

Mr. Hun Sen’s order to investigate the assassination attempt on his life related to a mortar attack on his motorcade ten years ago. There is no comment as to which specific individual the PM was referring to but his order happened at a time when Cambodia is organising a national election.

Mr Sam Rainsy said that he suspected that this investigation is an attempt to break the resolve of this supporters before the election, but he said that it won’t succeed.

Mr Sam Rainsy said: “The aim was to intimidate the Sam Rainsy Party, but the Sam Rainsy Party thinks that this is a laughable issue and it shows that the Cambodian People’s Party is very, very weak.”

The PM said yesterday that this is not a political intimidation, but it is an issue of an assassination attempt on his life. //

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