>PM Hun Sen Warned NGOs Not To Talk Nonsense

18th June 2008
Bt Mom Sophon Radio Free Asia
Translate from Khmer by Khmerization

PM Hun Sen (pictured) on Wednesday has warned some NGOs that have made comments regarding the government’s investigation into what he called terrorism-related crimes in Cambodia.

PM Hun Sen said that those terrorism-related crimes include the mortar attack on his motorcade ten years earlier and the investigation on the Cambodian Freedom Fighters’ attack in 2000 as well as investigation on the Moha Nokor Movement (Great Country Movement) against the government in Pursat province.

Mr. Hun Sen said: “I am sorry, there should be no proxy and don’t have any fears. And I request to all NGOs that have a stance against the government not to talk nonsense because you are biased. A crime should not be whitewashed, wherever it was committed action must be taken against it.”

It must be noted that on the 15th of June Mr. Hun Sen has ordered a military intelligence unit to re-open the investigation into this case after the government claimed that it has received information from a former Sam Rainsy Party (SRP) member who claimed that members of the SRP were involved in those attacks. //

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