>Khmer Words Borrowed From Thai Vocabularies

I received the following article from Mr. Makarar. I found the explanations in regard to the way we count the numbers very interesting. For those who can read Khmer please take time to read it. It will be interesting. Please click on the pictures to zoom in.

Dear Khmerization !

I have one friend who gave me this article, and I found it very interesting about how our Khmer’s ancestor count the number ?

I’m proud about this new discovery about our Khmer culture, and what do you think ? If you don’t mind, could you post it on your site because I would like to know about the opinion of the other people who think about this news ?

Thank in advance !
makarar !

PS. Sorry, the document’s size are so big !

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One Response to >Khmer Words Borrowed From Thai Vocabularies

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Thanks to Khmerization for posting a new discovery of the way in which our ancestors count the number prior adoption of the foreign way of counting. Many thanks also to Mr. Um Saravuth,the first Khmer who dare to analyze the Khmer way of counting number with strong augument. I am personally agree with you on our current use of borowing way of counting number from neighboring country. We should better to reffer to thousand of inscriptions yielded by our ancestors for finding the way we count traditionally the number rather than to adopt with ignorant from other.P.SythaRUFA

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