>Appeal for the Nation!


Along the road leading to Preah Vihear Temple (Photo: Khemara Corner)

21 June 2008

Opinion by Pang Sokhoeun
On the web at http://sokheounpang.wordpress.com

Dear Beloved Countrymen!

The registration of the Preah Vihear temple as World Heritage Site is approaching which to be held in July, 2008, Quebec, Canada and the protest over the temple listing among the Thais is remarkably increased and seem to disrespect the decision of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in Hague, 15 June 1962 and the recently signed new map agreement between the two governments even though Cambodian new map is sacrificially drawn out of the Siam-France 1907´s map.

The tension is justified by the daily publication of news on Preah Vihear in the Thai media and the daily increase of Thai protestors in Bangkok against the Thai government’s endorsement over Preah Vihear listing led by People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) accusing Cambodia of encroachment on Thai territorial integrity and claimed to reject the 46-year internationally recognized verdict of Hague.

Actually, the application of the Preah Vihear temple as World Heritage Site is the exclusive rights of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Preah Vihear was built by our King and it rightfully belongs to us. Therefore the Thai have no rights to interfere in this issue. It should be grateful to us for the Thai because it is more than enough that the Thai can make their living and pride over our Kings´ master architectures left for them like Prasat Phimai in Phimai, Prasat Phonom Rung in Buriram, Prasat Meuang Tam in Buriram, Prasat Meung Sing in Kanchanaburi, Prang Khonburi in Khonbiri, Prasat Phnomom Wan in Korat, Prasat Prang Ku in Sisaket etc., and they must stop their stealing and disgusted attitude towards us as well as other neighbors.

Now I humbly would like to appeal for our beloved countrymen’s attention on this issue because during this week the protest against Preah Vihear temple listing as World Heritage Site has become more serious from ordinary people to political party (PAD) and to the higher level of political institute (Senate Committee) and more importantly the protest also held in Sisaket province just 1km away from Preah Vihear temple. The tension will not be eased yet it will be heated up from this week on until the Quebec meeting in July. So we as Khmer, the sons of the former glorious Empire, are obliged to protect our land, our sovereignty and territorial integrity at all cost for the sake of our nation. Let´s be ready for action against the Thai endless invasion if it is needed. Our first step is:

  1. Keep following the news and be alert on this issue.
  2. Spread it to our beloved countrymen.
  3. Act as a nation for the common sake of our nation.
  4. Be prepared for action.

If the Thai keep refusing and interfering the Preah Vihear listing as World Heritage Site, we must continue our second step:

  1. Boycotting all Thai products and transport-by route and by air.
  2. Protesting peacefully against Thai invading Cambodia in abroad and in Cambodia.
  3. Sending our petition to ICJ, UNESCO, and other countries involved complaining over Thai disrespect of Hague’s decision and its invasion on Cambodian sovereignty.

Our national sovereignty and dignity are vested in our commitment and sacrifice!

Unite We Win!
In Solidarity!

Pang Sokheoun

Tel: (46)761139181
Blog: The Son of the Empire

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