>Hun Sen Promises To Leave Office Peacefully If The CPP Loses The Election


By Mondul Keo
23rd June 2008
Radio Free Asia
Translated by Khmerization

Three days before the election Mr. Hun Sen (pictured) has declared in Pursat province that he will transfer power peacefully to the winning parties if he loses the election on the 27th of July.

Prime Minister Hun Sen made this speech at an inauguration ceremony of Bun Rany Hun Sen Development Centre at Sampov Meas, Pursat province on 22nd of June.

Mr Hun Sen said: “If you win, you take all and I will walk away. This is what will happen, we all are prepared to walk away. I don’t talk about Funcinpec, it is their rights if they wanted to join other parties, but all Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) officials are prepared to leave the office. And we are prepared to respect the results of the election. My other obligations are to ensure the stability and transfer of power peacefully to the winner. But the transfer of power cannot be done over night. The National Assembly (NA) has 60 days in which to convene, so it can be said that we can convene the NA in 40 or 35 days to form and swear in a new government in order for it to be officially recognised. And then I will go to the Council of Ministers Headquarter to sign an order to all ministers to transfer their offices and official stamps to the new ministers who won the election.”

At the same time the PM also declared that the CPP will only form a coalition government with the Funcinpec Party. He said: “And if the Funcinpec wins some seats the CPP will only form a coalition with Funcinpec.”

Mr Hunn Sen also appealed to all CPP members from every level to show the utmost restraint when criticised by other parties during the election campaign.

This is his last words before and during the election as he had promised to remain silent during the election campaign.

Mr Ma Sophal, head of election monitoring group called COMFREL, said that there is no law to prohibit the PM from campaigning for the election but this was always his habit not to campaign in all the elections. //

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