>Cambodian minister withdraws defamation lawsuit


Dam Sith (L) leaving prison on 16th June with Kouy Bunroeun, a Sam Rainsy Party official, on his right side.

The Cambodian foreign minister says he will withdraw a defamation lawsuit against a newspaper publisher who’d printed allegations that he committed Khmer Rouge atrocities.

Foreign Minister Hor Namhong had planned to sue Dam Sith, who publishes a newspaper known to support the Cambodian opposition, and who was briefly jailed on defamation charges earlier this month.

Speaking a month before general elections, Hor Namhong said he’d withdrawn his complaint against the publisher to ensure a good atmosphere for the polls.

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3 Responses to >Cambodian minister withdraws defamation lawsuit

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Dear Khmerization;So now that the editor is free but the sticky point may be reversed to it original cause should the so called “Quote” was out of control again.This is a gesture in the spirit of the election, and so far, the EU has confirmed that temporary suspension of SR parlimentarian immunity is also on hold [as commented early in your blog].mediawatch

  2. khmerization says:

    >If you mean the “original cause” is Sam Rainsy’s speech, he is not free yet. After the election he will be in big trouble again. I am in favour of Rainsy and Namhong sitting face to face and make a reconciliatory compromise, like what happened with Dam Sith. After all, no one will gain from this fight, except that Rainsy will be in big trouble and Hor Namhong will not get anything out of that, but will face a lot of international and national condemnation.

  3. Anonymous says:

    >Last time, I do believe that I have mentioned about the speech which SR himself claimed to repeat the words of former King but he failed short to mention that as “Quote” when he delivered the speech.I have also mentioned that SR speech is calculated and cautiously planned – good timing to test the nerve of people who might want to jump on his trap [a period leading up to the general election], it is a case, in my personal point of view, “Come on do something about it – my speech/Come on lock me up if you dare.I have also mentioned that there would be interesting development worth following after the election.Love to see that both side can sit, talk and have some sort of compromise over the issue but the sticky point is not much about the other side but SR himself who would never cave in to the issue [so sure that he would get away from it without any apology] and from one corner I can see different scenario which I would rather keep to myself for the time being.

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