>Kampot Candidate Scuffles With CPP


30 June 2008

Khmer audio aired 30 June 2008 (884 KB) – Download (MP3) audio clip
Khmer audio aired 30 June 2008 (884 KB) – Listen (MP3) audio clip

Mu Sochua (pictured in centre), the opposition candidate for Kampot province, has had two brushes with ruling party activists in three days.

The Sam Rainsy Party secretary-general and former Funcinpec minister of women’s affairs said she was nearly run over by a truck on Monday and dodged a motorcycle Saturday.

On Saturday, Mu Sochua claims, she argued with a ruling Cambodian People’s Party commune chief who was wearing a CPP hat–a violation of election regulations. She filed a complaint with police claiming the driver tried to hit her with his motorcycle.

And on Monday, she said, she was nearly knocked over by a truck after she tried to pull a CPP sign off the door of the vehicle, which was a government vehicle. Mu Sochua said her shirt had been torn open and her left arm twisted in an ensuing scuffle.

“I will complain to the [provincial election committee] on violations of the election law and complain to the courts of attempted murder and assault,” Mu Sochua said Monday. “This is a very serious problem.”

Local election officials failed to mediate the disputes Monday, and CPP officials have complained to provincial officials over Mu Sochua’s removal of a sign from the vehicle without authority.

If she saw lawful wrongdoing, she should complain to local election officials, said San Sman, a senior district CPP official, whose truck was at the center of Monday’s altercation.

Provincial Election Committee Chairman Te Chinnarith said he is investigating all complaints and will hold an open hearing in the next three days, in accordance with election regulations.

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