>Sam Rainsy Launched A Scathing Attack On Mr.Hun Sen During An election Campaign In Kratie Province

>Sam Rainsy on the campaign trail.

By Or Phearith
Radio Free Asia
1st July 2008
Translated from Khmer By Khmerization

The opposition leader raised the corruption issue to attack the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) during an election campaign in Kratie province on the 1st of July.

Speaking to 300 supporters at Suon Komar in Kratie province on the 1st of July, Mr. Sam Rainsy told his supporters that the CPP led the country in a corrupt way such as causing the commodity prices to rise.

Mr Sam Rainsy said: “If the CPP continues to rule, our lands will be finished, petrol prices will continue to rise and the commodity prices will also continue to rise, so how can we survive? You cannot survive on one sarong that they gave to you. We will lose our country’s lands, your lands and your farms (if you vote for them). To protect our life, we must protect the future of our children so that they will have enough lands to farm, so they will have decent wages and also to reduce the commodity prices.”

Mr. Sam Rainsy explained in details about the Global Witness’ report which detailed the reason that the Cambodian people become poor is because the country’s leaders are thieves and kleptocrats.

Mr Sam Rainsy said: “I have seen the pictures of three men hanging along the streets. Those three men look exactly like the people in the report of Global Witness which details about the kleptocratic elites. And the man in the middle is the worst among all the three men in the picture. But his days are numbered. All the kleptocrats will be finished. In the next few weeks they will lose the election to the Sam Rainsy Party. The people will not vote for the thieves anymore.”

Mr Sam Rainsy boasted that he is an economist and understand very well about the state of the economy of Cambodia. He said that the commodity prices in Cambodia should not skyrocket. He said that if people elect the Sam Rainsy Party the commodity prices will come down.

Mr. Sam Rainsy’s scathing attack, including calling the prime minister as a blind person who can‘t lead the country, has drawn strong reactions from Mr. Kham Phoeun, the provincial governor of Kratie province, who said that he has sought legal opinion in order to launch a legal action against Mr. Sam Rainsy.

Mr Kham Phoeun said: “The use of improper language, including obscenity, is prohibited during the election campaign. Political parties are only allowed to campaign about the party’s policies, they are not allowed to attack the other.”

An official from the election monitoring group COMFREL, Mrs. Thy Rina, said that the electoral laws did not prohibit anyone from criticising other political parties during the election campaign.

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