>In US, Cambodian Group Looks to Opposition

>Sam Rainsy on the campaign trail 26th June 2008.

07 July 2008

Cambodian-Americans from Virginia and Maryland gathered over the weekend to show support for the opposition Sam Rainsy Party.

Attendants of a meeting held by the group Cambodian Americans for Human Rights and Democracy were hopeful that voters living in Cambodia would chose the opposition “to change society and the leader.”

“Our country cannot lead with the same leader….so democracy is in our hands to choose good leaders for our children’s future,” one participant told VOA Khmer.

“Let’s vote for any party that is not under any foreign pressure like [the Vietnamese],” said another participant.

Several participants said that those who remain in power too long become dictators, corrupt and prone to nepotism.

Virginia resident Mok Yorn appealed to the opposition to seek national unification.

“Vote for the opposition,” said another participant. “They have new ideas to make the country progress.”

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