>Cambodian opposition leader finds no judge to receive his evidence over defamation charges


PHNOM PENH, July 9 (Xinhua) — Sam Rainsy (pictured), president of the eponymous opposition party, here Wednesday found no staff members at the local court to receive his evidence over the defamation charges filed against him by Cambodian foreign minister Hor Namhong.

Rainsy went voluntarily to the court to submit documents in his defense, but no prosecutors showed up to receive them.

“The prosecutors all fled. They are scared by Sam Rainsy,” he told reporters as left the court.

Court officials could not be reached for comments immediately.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Hor Namhong filed a defamation lawsuit in April at Phnom Penh Municipal Court against Sam Rainsy over his remarks alleging that the minister was a former member of the Democratic Kampuchea (DK).

Hor Namhong has long said that he and his family were prisoners at a DK camp, and has successfully sued people in the past for claiming that he had links to the regime that is widely held responsible for the death of over 1.7 million people during the 1970s.

Rainsy is now leading his party as the main opposition force to campaign for the general elections on July 27.

Altogether 11 parties are participating in the election. The current ruling Cambodian People’s Party is widely expected to score landslide victory.
Editor: Bi Mingxin

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