>Kong Korm Said SRP Will Win Absolute Majority


Translated by Khmerization

Mr. Kong Korm (pictured), vice-president of the Sam Rainsy Party (SRP), said proudly and confidently that the SRP will win absolute majority in the upcoming election to be held on 27th July.

Mr. Kong Korm, who is also a senator from the SRP said, in a statement posted on the Sam Rainsy Party website on 9th July, that he and the majority of the people believe that any political leaders who serve as a tool of foreigners, plundering the nation and oppressing the people , even by using powers and money, will never beat the Sam Rainsy Party and Mr. Sam Rainsy to be the prime minister.

Mr. Kong Korm said: “The SRP is only 13 years old and it is able to double its parliamentary seats, double the elected members of the communes and the level of supports have increased higher than any time. They (SRP members) are not afraid of the political killings, they don’t sell themselves out. This has shown that the SRP is one of the biggest parties among the two big parties and it has been proven that, in 2007, in some places, the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) has lost to the SRP. So, with the united stand between the people and the SRP, on the 27th of July, the SRP and prime ministerial candidate Sam Rainsy will defeat the CPP and Mr. Hun Sen.”

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