>SRP calls for demonstration against alleged election fraud


Cambodian opposition leader Sam Rainsy (left) greets supporters in Phnom Penh on July 30. About 300 supporters of Cambodia’s main opposition party rallied in Phnom Penh on Wednesday to protest the results of the weekend election and to demand a re-run of the poll.

(AFP/Tang Chhin Sothy)

By Ly Menghour
The Mekong Times

The Sam Rainsy Party (SRP) yesterday claimed that at least a million opposition supporters were illegally denied their right to vote in Sunday’s election, and plans to hold a demonstration this morning against the alleged election fraud at the party’s headquarters in Phnom Penh.
Around 20,000 leaflets entitled One Million Citizens Deprived of their Voting Rights were printed and distributed by the SRP yesterday. “The names of countless eligible voters have been deleted from the voter’s list. At least one million citizens suspected of sympathy for the opposition have been disenfranchised,” claimed the leaflets.
Mu Sochua, SRP deputy secretary general, said that the main aim of the rally is to file a complaint against the National Election Committee (NEC) and commune and village chiefs for illegally deleting voters’ names.
She added that the lawsuit brought against the NEC will be sent to the Constitutional Council of Cambodia (CCC) while the complaint against local authorities will be submitted to local courts.
“People who couldn’t cast their vote because they couldn’t find their names on the list should not hesitate to come to the SRP headquarters to make a complaint against commune and village chiefs to the court as it is a criminal case,” she said.
Mu Sochua added that the demonstration will also welcome voter’s who were victims of an alleged voter ID form fraud, claiming that village and commune chief had distributed 1018 voter ID forms which had allowed people to assume other voter’s identities and vote for them.
More than 10,000 voters in Phnom Penh’s Beong Tompun commune were missing from voter rolls, she said. “So, the SRP is organizing this protest on their and all the others’ behalf.”
NEC Secretary General Tep Nytha was not concerned by the planned complaint. “Making a complaint against the NEC is the right of [the party]. However, according to the election law, the protest over voter lists and voting registration should have been made during its initial inspection,” he said.

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