>United As Losers


(L-R) Sam Rainsy, Kem Sokha (Human Right Party), Sisowath Sirirath (Funcinpec) and Muth Chantha (Norodom Ranariddh Party) united in rejecting the election results.
Opinion by Khmerization
30th July 2008

“United as losers will not achieve anything. Unity must happen when unity is needed the most and in this case, it should happen before the election.”

Once again the Cambodian opposition has shown the Cambodian voters and the world that they are so united against the Cambodian People’s Party and electoral fraud. Time and time again, the Cambodian opposition has proven that they are so united as losers, but evidently they were so divided when they should be united. I am talking about their failure to unite before the election.

I have great sympathy for their cry foul because, like them, I believe that the past three elections have been flawed and fraudulently rigged. But I must say that, without any prejudice or partiality, I am very disappointed with their behaviours so far because, as usual, they are united and on talking term only when they lost the election already. On the contrary, they were fighting each other like cats and dogs before the election. If they have not been so divided and if they were so united before the election, like what they are doing now, the election results and the political landscape would have been a little bit tilted in their favours.

The arrogance that have been shown by the Human Right Party, the Sam Rainsy Party as well as the Norodom Ranariddh Party has costed them dearly. Each and everyone of them were so arrogant about their electoral chances that they never took the formation of an alliance with each other seriously. Now they probably realised that they have made a big mistake by not forming an alliance before the election, but the past is the past and it cannot be undone. And 5 more years waiting in the opposition bench.

In spite of my rave review of the opposition’s disarray, I am sympathetic with their cause. They, especially the Sam Rainsy Party, have been campaigning very successfully with high turn out, only to be robbed at the ballot box and at vote-counting. I believe that the 26 seats said to have been won by the Sam Rainsy Party does not reflect the real election results and the true will of the voters. With the high numbers of turn out at every Sam Rainsy Party’s rally, this party should have won more seats, far more than the 26 seats. Irregularities and electoral fraud committed by the Cambodian People’s Party are the main causes and reasons for the poor performance by the Sam Rainsy Party and the unexpected good performance of the Cambodian People’s Party.

To sum up the election results, I would say that it is a fraudulent election that did not reflect the true will of the Cambodian voters. But equally, it was a result of the disunity of the opposition as well. United as losers will not achieve anything. Unity must happen when unity is needed the most and in this case, it should happen before the election.

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5 Responses to >United As Losers

  1. >Khmerization;It is indeed that this kind of arroganr act has costed them all another 5 years.Personally can’t see them all can ever unite and almagate into one strong party to challenge the 1023 election. For facts that:-a] None of them ever want to be a deputy but would argue that each one of them is suitable for the astute leadership role. And want to say and will always say so is our Prince NR. 2] They might be sitting side by side and eating on the same table but the mistrust is and will always there, in particular the SR and RN as seen in the past [1998 and 2003 election].3] Should they ever form a strong opposition party, personally can’t see that there would be any room for the challenge to leadership but would definitely see a coup within the party and then again they would end up spliting – back to the original status.I would like to be optimistic about their challenge to the CPP in years to come but can’t help thinking that “May be another 2 more terms before seeing any strong challenge and the possibility to take over the Premiership from Hun Sen.Once the new government is formed, Cambodia would eventually move to another level of progress where new foreign direct investments will be increased, job creations will also on the rise, the revenue from oild and gas will of course handy for the ruling party to embark on many frontiers:- health and education projects, infrastructures in both transportation and agriculture just to name a few.

  2. Anonymous says:

    >I like your quote, it is too late for unitting right now. One day when everyone think of only his interest, no way to archive anything for cambodia democracy and development. This is a lesson, hope that the four have learned it.

  3. >Khmerization;If you are really think that this group of 4 political party would learn their lesson from this election, then I am sorry to say that “They have learned nothing”.It won’t be too long after this so called “Solidarity of losers”, they will be back at their normla course – bickering about one another when one of them would eventually invite to form the government with promise of other intangible condition”.I am in the process of writing an article – would call it “Post election: The dejas vu drama.

  4. Anonymous says:

    >Well, I think it’s not late yet, if there united is formed for real without distrust or other intention.

  5. Anonymous says:

    >Unity doesn’t necessarily guarantee victory either. Your opinion proves beneficial nonetheless. Intimidation by the CPP is the main cause. Fight it and promote awareness of the danger to the public. Find ways to talk to the current government to promote fairness.Get together, and find a solution to change the Constitution to somehow limit the terms of Prime Minister post to 2 terms. Get rid of greedy, ugly mind of some who like to cling to the power for all their life.CK

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