>Cambodia preparing lavish celebration at border temple


Phnom Penh – Cambodia will host a huge post-election celebration at Preah Vihear temple attended by the country’s first lady, Bun Rany, and other high ranking officials, the government said Thursday.

Far from softening its stance on the 11th century border temple after it was made a Cambodian World Heritage site by UNESCO, angering neighboring Thailand, Cambodia is defiantly flaunting the site.

‘We are all in preparation for Bun Rany’s arrival. We have no security concerns because as a World Heritage site, the temple is a tourist destination, not a war zone,’ Preah Vihear Deputy Governor Ka Lean said by telephone.

Although after recent talks with Thailand both sides agreed in principal to withdraw troops estimated to have reached more than 2,000 in the area, observers on the Cambodian side say no troops have been redeployed so far.

The celebration is scheduled for Friday, according to government spokesman Khieu Kanharith and Ka Lean.

Bun Rany is the wife of Prime Minister Hun Sen, and is a powerful political force in her own right, as well as being the head of the nation’s Red Cross.

Her presence is expected to significantly boost the morale of Cambodian civilians and military on the border near the temple, around 300 kilometres north of the capital.

Thailand sent troops into what it maintains is disputed land but Cambodia says is sovereign territory more than two weeks ago in a move that has severely strained bilateral diplomatic relations.

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2 Responses to >Cambodia preparing lavish celebration at border temple

  1. >Hope that all sides of the political parties in Cambodia would not see this celebration as the celebration of the returning to power by CPP for another 5 years But for a good cause to boost the moral of our troops station at the Preah Vihear Temple.Just posted a blog in replying to the article by The Nation [When Cambodia Cries Wolf].======================Mind you that Cambodia is the sole and lawful owner of the Preah Vihear Temple, which was legally awarded by the International Court of Justice in Hague, dated back in 1962; and was fully recognized by the international community. However, with due respects and sincerity, in good faith and in good intentions for us as a neighbour, Cambodia has approached Thailand that we shall have an open and sincere dialogue regarding the enlisting of Preah Vihear Temple as World Heritage site. In return for all good deeds by Cambodia, the Royal Government and people of Cambodia; Thailand has decided to flex its military mights and muscles by sending its elite troops and military hardware to the surrounding areas of Preah Vihear Temple, on 15 July 2008

  2. khmerization says:

    >Mediawatch,I will post your article in my blog. I was going to write a reply to that editorial in The Nation too because I see that what was said in the editorial was really unfair to Cambodia and it twisted the truth by putting the right party (Cambodia) as the wronged side and putting the wronged party (Thailand) as the right side. But, at the moment I’m too busy. Hope your article is good.

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