>Hun Sen’s verbal altercation with opposition leader Sam Rainsy


Hun Sen (R) talked with Sam Rainsy (L) in front of the National Assembly in Phnom Penh on 28 July 2006. (Photo: AFP)

01 August 2008
By Chea Makara Radio Free Asia
Translated from Khmer by Heng Soy of Ki-Media
Click here to read the original article in Khmer

Prime minister Hun Sen had a verbal altercation with opposition leader Sam Rainsy in the morning of Friday, while the two were accompanying the Hero-King, Queen Mother, and the King on their trip to Beijing, China.

Hun Sen warned Sam Rainsy in front of government officials, ambassadors and reporters present at the Phnom Penh International Airport, saying that Sam Rainsy will lose all the party seats at the National Assembly (NA) if elected SRP candidates refused to swear in as MP at the new mandate NA.

The altercation took place while King Sihamoni and his parents were already inside the plane to China, and when the two party leaders met each other face to face at a public place for the first time following the election campaign.

Prime minister Hun Sen said that the meeting for the swearing in will take place on 24 August, and if Sam Rainsy refuses to participate, his party seats will be given away to others.

Hun Sen said: If you refuse to swear in, you will lose your validity and your seats will be distributed to others.”

Nevertheless, Sam Rainsy has not decided whether to participate in this swearing in ceremony yet or not, however, he indicated that the SRP represents 2 million voters who voted to support his party.

Sam Rainsy said: “We do not reach this situation yet. We continue to demand for justice for Cambodian people who lost their rights to vote because they were prevented from voting.”

Tep Nytha, NEC secretary-general, indicated that the NA meeting could take place if there are no complaints about the preliminary election results.

Tep Nytha said: “If there are complaints brought to the Constitution Council, the latter can resolve this issue within 10 to 20 days. Therefore, it is related to the complaints, we cannot determine it clearly yet.”

Prime minister Hun Sen said that King Sihamoni will preside over the meeting to form the new NA, and that the SRP cannot prevent this meeting even if the SRP wants to boycott it.

Furthermore, Hun Sen scolded Sam Rainsy that because the latter’s accused and cursed CPP leaders as being “thieves of the nation,” Sam Rainsy will vanish.

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