>Son Chhay’s letter to Hor Namhong on the border dispute with Thailand

>Picture of Mr. Son Chhay
Translation from Khmer by Ki-Media

To H.E. Hor Namhong, Vice-Prime Minister Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

Subject: Proposal for setting up a timetable for the pullout of Thai troops from Khmer territories and review for the continuation of the complaint to the UN

Support items:

  • Information which indicated that there may be a new negotiation between Thailand and Cambodia on 18 August 2008
  • The publication of false information that Thai troops pulled out from Khmer temple
Based on the subject topic and the support items above, I am informing Your Excellency Vice Prime-Minister that it is observed that Thailand’s trick to send in troops to the Ta Moan temple, then pulled them back out was done in order to deflect the attention on Thailand’s aggression in the Preah Vihear temple area and turning the attention to other regions, as well as (Thailand’s intention of) reducing International criticism and creating a subterfuge and deception by letting (the public opinion) believes that its troops seem to be pulling out from the Preah Vihear temple also (please read the attached Reuters and AFA articles attached).

Based on the results of the meeting between Your Excellency and the Thai counterpart, there seems to be an agreement to pull out armed troops from the region near Preah Vihear temple, but up to now, there is no indication that Thai troops pulled out yet, this requires a clear timetable setup if there is indeed another meeting. Otherwise, Thailand will continue to occupy Khmer lands for a long time to come, by using other new pretexts.

Thailand understands our other weak points and they will use them to take over our territories near Preah Vihear temple, for example, Thailand knows that some of our leaders are concerned about losing their personal interests in the sharing of offshore oil and gas resources which also faces problems with Thailand.

I hope that Your Excellency, who has many years of diplomatic experience, will continue to successfully render your service to the Nation, (especially) on this difficult negotiation work, and that you will make resolute decisions – using all paths that include international protection for example – in order to guarantee the complete territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Please accept, Your Excellency, my sincere regards.

Phnom Penh 06 August 2008

(Signed) Son Chhay
Chairman of National Assembly Committee No. 5


  • The King
  • The President of the Senate
  • The Prime Minister of Cambodia
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