>Sam Rainsy Party, Human Rights Party file election complaints with UN

>Mr. Sam Rainsy talking to the media.

By Ly Menghour
The Mekong Times

The opposition Sam Rainsy Party (SRP) and Human Rights Party (HRP) are to jointly file a complaint with the UN over alleged irregularities during polling for the recent national election.
Representatives of the two parties plan to visit the UN in New York, as well as Washington, Paris and Brussels to present evidence of the alleged irregularities, which mainly concern controversial “1018” forms the parties claim allowed voter fraud.
“I will go to lodge a complaint with the international community not to recognize the election,” Sam Rainsy vowed yesterday at a press conference.
He said that filing a complaint with the UN should lead to another poll in areas where “1018” forms were issued or anywhere where names were missing from voter lists.
HRP Secretary General Ou Chan Roth, who sat next to Sam Rainsy throughout the press conference, expressed his party’s support for lodging the complaint. “We will continue being shoulder to shoulder with the SRP to protest against the election results. We will also join with SRP to protest in Europe and at the UN,” he said.
Sam Rainsy displayed documents he claimed show “1018” forms were issued by local officials. He claimed that CPP Sangkat (Commune) chiefs were the main agents of electoral fraud, a crime he alleged the National Election Commission (NEC) has turned a blind eye to.
But the NEC’s position is that complaints about the election should be dealt with in Cambodia. “The election process in Cambodia was conducted in line with the election law of Cambodia. Any complaint or unacceptable problem must be addressed under Cambodian law,” said Tep Nytha, secretary general of the NEC.
NEC concerns were echoed by CPP lawmaker Cheam Yeap.
“The SRP and HRP should give time to the NEC and the Constitutional Council to settle any unsatisfactory problems before protesting to the international community,” he said. “Furthermore, representatives of the UN, European Union, and the international community also observed the election and assessed that the election in Cambodia was better than before.”

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