>Temple Watch: Banteay Srei in fine fettle


Written by Dave Perkes
Friday, 12 September 2008
Courtesy of Phnom Penh Post
THE Hindu temple of Banteay Srei is 37 kilometres from the main Angkor Wat temple group, but this has not deterred busloads of tourists from making pilgrimages.

Banteay Srei has been subject to major restoration work during the early to mid 2000s. This involved repair of the foundations and propping up of the laterite walls, because some were leaning alarmingly.

The temple is now in fine condition since its restoration was completed in 2005.
Recent additions in mid-2008 have seen the replacement of a number of statues representing the monkey god Hanuman and several new lion figures grouped to the east within the sanctuary.

Banteay Srei continues to be busy, with hundreds of visitors coming in by bus, and the central area of the sanctuary has been roped off to protect the delicate stonework. This enables a better view of the magnificent carved walls, without tourists getting in the way of each other’s photos.

The temple is best seen before 8:30am, when the fleets of tour buses start arriving.


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3 Responses to >Temple Watch: Banteay Srei in fine fettle

  1. >Bantea Srey is the only temple that its carved stone appears to be all well vividly preserved comparing to other despites years of neglect.I am glad to hear that the restoration is now completed.

  2. khmerization says:

    >Banteay Srei has been in dilapidated state for a long time, but the French authority, in association with Cambodia, conducted renovations in the early and mid-20th century which restored it to its former glory. We should hope that other temples, especially the Taprohm will be restored to its grandeur like the Banteay Srei temple as well. I think Sok Kong should foot the bill because he has earned millions from entry ticket sales to tourists.

  3. >All restoration works to the temples around Siem Reap are carrying out by international community and are funding by respect country.Beleived that SOk Kong foot the bill for roads, environment protection and other necessary elements that provides benefit to local, tourists and Apasar authority

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