>Cambodian husband takes half the house in divorce – literally


This divided half of the house is the wife’s ownership (Photo: Chauk Chey, Koh Santepheap)

Thu, 02 Oct 2008

From Ki-Media

Phnom Penh – A Cambodian couple decided to circumvent the country’s notoriously corrupt and expensive court system in their divorce case by dividing their house in half, literally, local media reported Thursday. The Khmer-language Koh Santepheap newspaper featured a front-page photo of a precariously perched half of the stilted former home of Meuon Rima and his ex-wife Nhang, both 40, which Rima sawed with surgical precision down the middle.

Rima, who sought a divorce on the grounds that his wife refused to nurse him during a recent illness, was last seen driving away from the village in south-eastern Prey Veng province with his half of the home, the daily reported.

It was not known where he had gone with his very detached portion, it said, adding that Rima had not felt the same need to divvy up the couple’s two teenaged children, both of whom he left with Nhang.

Under Cambodian law, assets are divided equally between husband and wife in the event of a divorce.

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3 Responses to >Cambodian husband takes half the house in divorce – literally

  1. >Out of court settlement [divorce] is good [not to fatten the lawyer pocket but still have to pay for court though otherwise is still legally married to one another] but cut house in half is a bit silly.

  2. khmerization says:

    >Out of court settlement is good if both sides settle on an equal footing. In Cambodia, out of court settlement was always in favour of the stronger side,, in this case the husband. He will get most, if not everything, and left his hapless wife to care for their children for the rest of their childhood life. In the court settlement in Cambodia is no difference. The stronger side, in this case those who has the power or the money to bribe the judges,, will get what they want. In this article, the settlement seemed to be a bit fairer because the wife is lucky to get half, though she has to care for the children without child support payments. But to literally saw the house in half is, like you said, a bit silly. I think that the wife has no money to pay him that’s why he cut the house in half. But he has gone too far and it is a bit silly on his part.

  3. bossman says:

    >I’ve been trying to find clarification on this.Some news articles say they are 40.Other news articles say they have been married for 40 years.How can both be true, or in Cambodia are children “arranged marriage”‘d at birth?

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