>Cambodian Prince Ranariddh decides to retire from politics

>Ranariddh facing the press.

PHNOM PENH, Oct. 2 (Xinhua) — Cambodian Prince Norodom Ranariddh, who is also the president of the Norodom Ranariddh Party (NRP), announced Thursday that he decided to quit from political stage of Cambodia.

“I decided to retire from politics after I had served the nation for more than 25 years,” Ranariddh told reporters and his senior party members at a dinner party in Phnom Penh.

“I promised to our king to quit from politics when I paid a courtesy call to him this morning,” he said.

“I want to have a rest from politics and it is enough for me,” he said, without elaborating the reason in details.

Ranariddh said he would help Cambodian King Norodom Sihamoni in royal affairs but he did not reveal the position he will receive at the royal palace.

“I also asked forgiveness from my party members,” he said, adding that he could not dissolve the NRP bearing his own name, which gets two of all 123 seats in the National Assembly.

The NRP president will be replaced by current deputy president Chhim Seak Leng, Ranariddh said.

After 18 months in self-imposed exile, Ranariddh returned to Cambodia Sunday, just days after a royal amnesty from King Sihamoni overturned the Prince’s fraud conviction.

Ranariddh used to hold positions as Cambodian Prime Minister, President of National Assembly and President of Funcinpec Party.

Editor: Mu Xuequan

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2 Responses to >Cambodian Prince Ranariddh decides to retire from politics

  1. >Khmerization;How are you?Volunteer retirement? It’s is highly unlikly.Svaing royal image on political stage? Highly unlikely.Pre-condition in exchange for reoyal pardon? May be.

  2. khmerization says:

    >Mediawatch,Thanks for your comments. I’m fine. Regarding Ranariddh, It’s both a voluntary and forced retirement in the sense that: 1. his party is doomed to die. 2. if he continues in politics, sooner or later, he will run into serious troubles with Hun Sen again. 3. when Hun Sen agreed to pardon Ranariddh, he probably set a condition that Ranariddh has to retire from politics. So, Ranariddh’s retirement from politics is a combination of forced and voluntary. His retirement is in exchange for a royal pardon, not necessarily for any personal fortunes.Originally, I was against banning the royals from politics. In hindsight, due to Ranariddh’s weakness as a leader and due to his many ignominious arguments with Hun Sen, which led the latter to look down on the royals, I think that it is best that the royals stay out of politics.

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