>12 Thai soldiers killed, Cambodian soldiers claimed


October 16, 2008
By Sokheoun Pang
Originally posted at http://sokheounpang.wordpress.com

These few days I have tried to contact my cousin and my cousin-in-law who are soldiers stationing at the Cambodian-Thai border in the front line. Luckily today, I got their numbers and called them.

I was surprised about the news they told me:

  • Today’s negotiation is absolutely negative and the fight will erupt again any time. And now both sides are preparing for war.

The true casualty on Wednesday exchange fire:

  • The Cambodian side: 2 died and two wounded.
  • The Thai side: 12 died, 10 captured, 5 wounded. He told me that the 12 killed Thais were blown out by B40. They were killed at the Eagle Field as they entered the field and opened fired and Cambodian soldiers just targeted them at the spot with repeated blasts.

He said that the Thai side have tried to negotiate until now to take back the bodies but were refused by the Cambodian commanders. The Thai have proposed the Cambodian not to publish the news about their dead soldiers and even the 10 captured. The Cambodia accept it as the condition to pressure the Thai. Note: I asked them about what pressure and they said they don´t know because it is the higher policy.

These are only what I have received today and I hope this news to be true. I will keep updating it if I get anything new from my relatives on the field.

United We Win!

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One Response to >12 Thai soldiers killed, Cambodian soldiers claimed

  1. Anonymous says:

    >What is the truth about casualties during the clash on October 15th??According to all international media the thai side only 7 wounded, no one died…Why everyone try to hide the truth?If anybody know pls share information.Thanks

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