>Khmerization’s reponse to Ki-Media’s invitation



A burning question from a KI-Media reader: What do you, a KI-Media reader, think? Please post your comment here

Some Khmers think they can write and start to flood the internet with garbage opinion pieces that are just embarrassing, annoying, and give bad image to Khmer.

On top of that they think they are doing Khmer a service and claim to represent Khmer. I’m just speechless.

Just look at this writing by Khmerization:

How can Khmer gain any sympathy or support for our cause, our movement if they keep such garbage view out to the world?

Khmerization, Ki-media, Sacrava toons and all of you…what is your opinion on this?

Author’s name and email address withheld
Blogger khmerization said…

I don’t normally comments on readers’ comments regarding my opinion piece because I don’t want to inflame the outrage and insults further. But since KI-Media, which gives me privilege and freedom to post on their blog, invite me too, I have the honour to give my opinion. But I should use my privilege responsibly.

I, usually, am very receptive to all sorts of diverse opinions, as long as they are not vulgar and offensive, because I believe that people who commented here wanted to share their ideas and opinions, rightly or wrongly. I know that some people agree with my opinion, others just don’t care, while some think it is a piece of garbage. They have the right to disagree with me. My intention in expressing my opinions is to write what I feel freely because I wanted to share.

Regarding other people’s comments I don’t have any advice other than to say that whatever you say please use polite and appropriate language. Vulgar and offensive language, even in reference to Thai people, will not serve our purpose. Strong opinion, as opposed to offensive language, is normal and should be acceptable to all concerned, including the Thai people. Thank you. From Khmerization

The following is Artist Sacrava’s reply:

Cartoon by Sacrava (on the web at http://sacrava.blogspot.com)


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