>Noppadon book hits back at his critics

>The book’s title reads: “I Did Not Sell Out the Nation“.

Former foreign minister Noppadon Pattama yesterday released his book “I Am No Traitor” to defend his record relating to the Preah Vihear Temple controversy.

Noppadon (pictured) resigned in July in the wake of a censure debate on his involvement in the Cambodian push to include the ancient temple on the World Heritage List, seen by the opposition as having repercussions on Thai territorial integrity.

“Facts in my book will show that I am a political victim,” Noppadon said.

He said opponents of Thaksin Shinawatra tried to fault him as part of their smear campaign against the ousted leader.

He denied that the joint communique he signed had put Thailand at risk for losing 4.6 square kilometres.

Bilateral negotiations to resolve the border dispute with Cambodia are the best option available as other means, such as multilateral talks, international mediation, the United Nations involvement and litigation in the International Court of Justice, would likely be unfavourable to the Thai side, he said.

Banned Thai Rak Thai Party executive Chaturon Chaisang said Noppadon was swept out of office by the frenzy of ultra-nationalism although he was not at fault.

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