>Overseas Khmer held a protest against Thailand in front of the International Court of Justice in The Hague

>International Court of Justice building in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Radio Free Asia
1st Novembber, 2008
By Moeung Tum
Translated from Khmer by Khmerization

On the 1st of November a numbers of overseas Khmer have held a peaceful protest in front of the International Court of Justice building in The Hague, The Netherlands, to demand this international institution stop Thailand from violating Khmer territorial integrity.

Mr. Kiri Sena, one of the seven members of the protest organising committee, told Radio Free Asia through telephone today that: “We held a protest on the 1st (of November) with the aim to stop Thailand from violating the Khmer people. At 11:30 AM to 12:10 midday, all the protesters will gather in front of the International Court of Justice building in The Hague. All protesters can express their opinions freely, but the organising committee has set a condition that won’t allow attacks/criticism on any particular groups that would lead to the disunity of the Khmer people, so as to draw the court’s attention to Thailand’s violations of the court’s 1962 verdict.”

Mr. Kiri Sena added that there are more protest plans on the day. He said: “At 12:30 PM, the protest will start with the following agenda: First, we make a short speech informing the protesters about the aims of the protest. Second, we sing our national anthem. Third, we stay in a minute of silence to pay respect to our three dead soldiers who were killed a few days ago (15th October). And fourth, we start chanting prayers in order to pacify those who violated us to change their mind. And lastly, we will hand in our complaints and petitions to the court and at the same time we will raise our placards and chant slogans until 1 PM after which we will march to the Thai embassy.”
Mr. Kiri Sena said that the petitions, which were signed by about 600 people from around the world, will be handed in to the court as well as to the Thai embassy in The Netherlands. He said: “When we reached the Thai embassy we will chant some slogans to demand that Thailand respect our territorial integrity and respect various treaties, respect the Paris Peace Accords of 23rd October, 1991. We will stay there for about 20 minutes after which we will hand in our petitions, like what we have done with the International Court, and after that our representative will go to the front gate of the embassy and ask them to receive the petitions.”//

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