>Cambodia Thailand Border Commission To Meet

>Khmer troops stationing at Preah Vihear temple.

(RTTNews) Monday, the Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has announced that Cambodia has agreed to hold the 5th meeting with Thailand to discuss measures to resolve their border issues.

The meeting of the two countries will be held in Thailand on November 10-14, the ministry press release said. The Cambodian delegation would be led by the Advisor to the Cambodian Royal Government in Charge of State Border Affairs, Var Kim Hong, the report added. However, an official from the Thai Foreign ministry said that the dates and venue of the discussion were still under discussion.

According to the Cambodian official, the discussions between the two countries would center on the borderline investigation and the demarcation based on an MOU signed in 2000. The two countries would also discuss the establishment of a provisional group that would take charge of the issues related to border areas disputed by the two countries, including the Preah Vihear temple.

In October, shortly after a round of talks failed, one Thai and three Cambodians were killed in a border clash between the troops of the two countries. The most recent tensions began in July when the Preah Vihear temple was awarded the United Nations World Heritage status, rekindling dissent over the ownership of the land.

by RTT Staff Writer

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