>Thai King has organised a Kathen for a Cambodian pagoda

>Picture of Thai king, King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

4th November, 2008
Translated from Khmer by Khmerization

The Thai embassy in Cambodia, representing the Thai king, on 1st November has organised a Kathen (a religious fund raising event) for Wat Prek Russey in Kandal province. Mr Chhun Syrun, governor of Kandal province, presided over the Kathen festival. On top of the donations from the Thai king, Thai officials and the Thai embassy, there were Khmer officials who have made donations to the Kathen festival as well. The Thai ambassador said that the Thai king wish to see progress in Buddhism, not only in Thailand but in neighbouring countries such as Cambodia as well.

This Kathen has raised 2 million riels ($US250) in Khmer currency, $US10,620 in US dollars and 200,000 baht ($US5,000) in Thai currency.

Kathen is the most important religious money raising event in Cambodia. This year’s Kathen started from the 15th of October to the 12th of November. During this time, all the Buddhist faithful will contribute money and donate goods to support the monks and for the maintenance and the development of the pagoda complex.

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