>Khmer in Europe organized demonstration in The Hague


Dear sir / Madam,

Sorry that I send this information to you a bit late.

On 01- 11- 2008, from 11:30 – 14:00, Khmer people living in Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Cambodia, USA, Canada, about 270 people have organized a demonstration at ICJ ( The International Court of Justice ) and in front of Thai Embassy in The Hague.
However, I hope you and your colleagues might need this information in your publication.

All the best.

Kiri Sena

Pictures of the demonstration against Thailand’s occupations of Cambodian territories in front of the International Court of Justice in The Hague, Netherlands on 1st of November, 2008.

Read more on The Hague demonstration here and here.


Petition to Thai Ambassador during the demonstration against Thailand on 1st November, 2008 in The Hague

To: Ambassador of Thailand,

Royal Embassy of Thailand,

The Netherlands

Please be informed:

Object:The Kingdom of Thailand must respect the territorial integrity of Cambodia, the verdict of the International Court of Justice of the 15th of June, 1962 and the Paris Peace Accords of 23rd October, 1991.


In the past the Kingdom of Thailand has use hundreds of its armed forces to occupy numerous Khmer temples and to continuously violate the territorial integrity of Cambodia. This is a gross violation that cannot be tolerated by all the people of Cambodia.

Thailand’s invasion of Cambodian territories is a violation of the verdict of the International Court of Justice of 15th of June, 1962 and a violation of the Paris Peace Accords of 23rd October, 1991.

And so, we are requesting Thailand to cease its aggression against Cambodia immediately and withdraw all its armed personnel of all kinds from the territories of Cambodia.

signed by the representatives of the Khmer people

(read the petition in Khmer below)

(Unofficial translation into English by Khmerization)






GKÁraCTUT énRBHraCaNacRk éfLg;d_

RbcaMenA RbeTs hUlLg;

( Royal Thai Embassy in Nederlands )


kmµvtßúH RBHraCaNacRkéfLgd_ RtUveKarTwkdIExµr nigRtUveKarB salRkm rbs; tulakarGnþrCati cuHéf¶TI 15 mifuna 1962 nigRtUveKarBsn§isBaØa TIRkug)a:rIs

23 tula 1991 .

knøgmkenH RBHraCaNacRkéf )aneRbIR)as;kgkMlaMgRbdab;GavuFCaeRcIn rynak; edIm,IcUlTRnÞankan;kab;ykR)asaTnananigrMelaPelIbUrN³PaBTwkdIén

matuPUmikmrbMput EdlCnCatiExµr RKb;²rUbminGacGt;eGan)aneLIy. TegVIrMelaPQøanBanrbs; RBHraCaNacRkéf mkelIskm

ehtuenH eyIg´sUm[RbeTséfbBaÄb;karQøanBanmkelIRBHraCaNacRk kmGavuFRKb;RbePTfyecj[ putBITwkdIén RBHraCNacRkkm

eFVIenA>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>éf¶TI >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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