>Gen. Hok Lundy, Cambodian top cop died in helicopter crash in Svay Rieng province

>Ge. Sok Saem (L) and Gen. Hok Lundy (below).

09 Nov 2008
By Chivita and Sok Serey
Radio Free Asia
Translated from Khmer by Socheata for Ki-Media
Click here to read the article in Khmer

Four-star general and national police commissioner Hok Lundy died in a helicopter crash in the evening of 09 November 2008 in Svay Rieng province.

Four passengers were on the private helicopter trip from Phnom Penh to Svay Rieng, including General Sok Saem, deputy army commander, and two pilots. All four died in the crash. The following is the report provided by Sok Serey based on questions asked by Chivita.

Chivita: We learned that police commissioner Hok Lundy died from the helicopter crash, how much can you confirm it?

Sok Serey: I received the official confirmation from Mr. Khieu Kanharith, the government spokesman, at about 10:30 PM (Cambodia time). Mr. Khieu Kanharith confirmed that 4-star general Hok Lundy died during the helicopter crash incident while traveling from Phnom Penh to Svay Rieng during a private trip in a private helicopter.

Chivita: Do you know where for sure the crash took place, and how was the crash?

Sok Serey: The source from whom I received the latest news indicated that the crash was in Bavet district, Svay Rieng province, near the plane landing zone in Bavet district, Svay Rieng province.

Chivita: How did the helicopter crash? What about the remains?

Sok Serey: According to a police official from the Khan 07 Makara, who was stationed at General Hok Lundy’s home, he claimed that the helicopter was about to land, but it was hit by lightning and the helicopter exploded into pieces. Hok Lundy’s remain is not in one piece anymore, it was blown into pieces because the helicopter was shattered into pieces after the lightning hit it before landing.

The remains of the 4 passengers included: the two pilots, General Sok Saem, and General Hok Lundy. Hok Lundy’s body was transported from Svay rieng to Neak Loeung in direction to his home in Phnom Penh.

Chivita: Regarding the timing, can you tell us when the crash took place?

Sok Serey: According to a source close to the case, he claimed that it took place past 7PM (Cambodia time).

Chivita: Did PM Hun Sen react or say anything about Hok Lundy’s death?
Sok Serey: Up until now, I followed news on all TV and radio stations in Cambodia, but there is no statement from PM Hun Sen yet. There is no statement issued by high ranking government officials either, but what is known is that there is an upheaval among mid-level police officers and district police officers who held meetings about the reception of Hok Lundy’s body which is transported from Svay Rieng to Phnom Penh.

Chivita: What about the remains of General Sok Saem and the two pilots?

Sok Serey: My source did not say anything about the other passengers involved in the accident, he only said that Hok Lundy’s remain is currently being brought over. The source seems to indicate that the other remains may be transported back together.

Chivita: In the plane, was there any relative of Mr. Hok Lundy?

Sok Serey: There is no official source indicating whether Mr. Hok Lundy’s relatives were traveling with him.

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One Response to >Gen. Hok Lundy, Cambodian top cop died in helicopter crash in Svay Rieng province

  1. Anonymous says:

    >This man has walked on this planet thinking that he could not be touched even by god. After years of brutal force and intimidataion shown on my khmer people, I have no sympathy for the death of this coward so called police chief. If in fact if his aircraft was shot down my mother nature itself, it proves that no matter how powerful you are, God still has the upper hand in this World. So now speaking as the voice of my fellow cambodians, “YOU CAN BURN IN HELL FOR ALL THE WRONGS YOU HAVE DONE AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF CAMBODIAN.”One down and few more to go and I’ll country will one day be called a country of Freedom.

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