>Rumor mills: DJ Ano died and her body is not repatriated back to Cambodia


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Koh Santepheap
Translated from Khmer by Heng Soy
for Ki-Media

Phnom Penh – Up until now, nobody seems to know yet about how DJ Ano is doing, in spite of the fact that it was learnt that an angry wife of high ranking government official used razor blades to attack her on the face and all over her bodies. At the end of last week, a new rumor was spreading indicating that DJ Ano died in a hospital in Vietnam, and that her body was not repatriated back to Cambodia.

Upon learning this news, Koh Santepheap went all over the places to find out about the truth because, in spite of the fact that DJ Ano was merely a TV presenter and a not too famous actress yet, her mysterious disappearance or death in a democratic society in not ordinary.

Chheang Buntha, the deputy information director for TV3 station, said that up to now, information about the disappearance of DJ Ano from TV3 programs still remain unclear, and he did not pay attention about the whereabout of DJ Ano at all because she was not a TV3 station employee, she was merely a buyer of TV3 air time. Furthermore, regarding the rumor about DJ Ano’s death, Chheang Buntha said that he heard about it also, but that he couldn’t find any sure source that can backup this claim.

Chau Sreng, the deputy president of TV3 station, said that after he received the information about DJ Ano’s incident, he sent someone to find out the truth at DJ Ano’s home, but that he couldn’t find anything about her because she no longer lives in the house she used to rent, and no one seems to know where she moved out to. Regarding her relatives, no one knows who they are, and who were closed to her, but Chau Sreng said that DJ Ano liked to hide her personal life, even her home and her parents, DJ Ano never talked about them to co-workers and friends.

Khen Vannthat, a presenter and artist for TV3 station, told Koh Santepheap on Saturday 08 November that when he went to watch the movie “Chhub Thort Konn Khmoch” (Stop filming ghost movies) at the Soriya Theater, he heard from another artist who told him that Ano died in a hospital in Vietnam. Since then this rumors started to spread out. Khen Vannthat added that this is DJ Ano’s personal life and it was a shameful case, therefore all information will be kept hidden.

Ms. Molina, a co-presenter with DJ Ano, said that she heard the news about DJ Ano being attacked by razor blades and that her condition was serious, and she was sent to Vietnam. Recently, some artists told her that Ano died, but they do not know if this is true or not. Molina added that DJ Ano’s life seems to be very mysterious, and even to those who are closed to her, Ano wouldn’t even tell them where she lived, nor does she say anything about her parents and siblings. She hid all this information, and no one knows why she hid all these personal information. After Molina heard about DJ Ano’s accident, and after her disappearance from TV3 station, Molina tried to find where DJ Ano was, but she couldn’t find anything.

Nevertheless, numerous reporters and artists received the information that DJ Ano died lately at a hospital in South Vietnam, but no one seems to know the name of that hospital.

News analysts said that information about DJ Ano involves a serious crime, and it should not be hidden or swept away, the police should open an investigation into this case, and it should not allow rumors to spread with uncertain basis like this. Furthermore, nobody can believe the fact that DJ Ano, who was a known TV3 station presenter and who had a fixed employment at TV3, can hide her personal life, her parents, her siblings and the address of her home, because, at least, she had to provide to the TV3 station management her biography before she was accepted to work there. However, the claims made by the station managers and her coworkers that they do not know anything about her brings more mystery to the case than if they were to provide the information they know about her. The case will remain suspicious.

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One Response to >Rumor mills: DJ Ano died and her body is not repatriated back to Cambodia

  1. Anonymous says:

    >My God! whoever has done this to her must rot in hell. Hok Lundy’s wife, if you have done this DJ Ano, you will rot in hell and never to be born as a human being again. Your actions have shown that you are not a human being. May DJ Ano’s soul rest in peace.

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