>Khieu Samphan: Vietnam Tried to Force Cambodia into an Indochinese Federation


There is a long held view amongst many Cambodians that Vietnam had always wanted to swallow Cambodia through the formation of the Indochinese Federation.The Khmer Rouge regime had always claimed that Vietnam had interfered in its internal affairs as long back as in the 1960s and that Vietnam had strenuously tried to force its regime into joining an Indochinese Federation. Nuon Chea has made this claim not a long ago. Now Khieu Samphan (pictured), the Khmer Rouge head of state, in his interview with VOA Khmer Service, claimed that Vietnam had contributed to the genocide in Cambodia through its interference. Do you think Vietnam had anything to do with the genocide in Cambodia? Please read below:


Courtesy of VOANEWS

A Vietnamese Embassy official on Friday denied charges by former Khmer Rogue cadre Khieu Samphan that Vietnam had contributed to the genocide of Cambodia by interfering in the internal affairs of Cambodia during conflicts of the 1960s and 1970s.
Khieu Samphan said this week that Vietnam tried to press Cambodia into an Indochinese federation, by making overtures to Pol Pot as the Khmer Rouge rose to power.
Former Khmer Rouge leaders continually point to Vietnam’s alleged designs on Cambodia as a main reason the regime was necessary.
Both Khieu Samphan and Nuon Chea, the chief ideologue of the regime arrested by the Khmer Rouge tribunal in September on charges of atrocity crimes, have said Vietnam would have taken over Cambodia if not for the Khmer Rouge.
“Khieu Samphan wants to put the blame on Vietnam, and it is his fabrication to reduce his wrongdoings,” Vietnamese Embassy spokesman Trinh Ba Cam said. “The Khmer Rouge leaders are being indicted, and now they can say whatever they want to so that they can find a way out. His words cannot be trusted or believed.”
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1 Response to >Khieu Samphan: Vietnam Tried to Force Cambodia into an Indochinese Federation

  1. Seng says:

    Khieu Samphan as well as Hou Nim and Hou Youn they all are very good men in many Cambodian eyes especially in elderly Cambodians who have observed for what they done since 1960s.
    Regarding to Indochinese Federation really exist and was created by late Ho Chi Minh to put Lao and Cambodia under yuon annex and to exterminate ethnic Cambodians after yuon swallowed Champa and Kampuchea-Krom and Lao.

    So as a Khmer I support real Khmer history as well as Mr. Khieu Samphan said about Indochinese Federation.

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