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>The Siem Reap Agreement: What does it mean?

> Opinion by Khmerization 25th October 2008 “Cambodia has a lot to lose, because the agreement has given Thailand the de jure basis for a continued Thai occupation of the Cambodian territories. This agreement, if anything at all, has given … Continue reading

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>The Great Wall Of Preah Vihear

> Opinion by Khmerization25th August 2008 “Cambodia, as a sovereign nation, must plan the future of Preah Vihear alone for the good and the benefits of Preah Vihear and Cambodia, regardless of whether Thailand agreeing with the ideas or not. … Continue reading

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>Thailand’s Diplomatic Games Of Hide-And-Seek

> Opinion by Khmerization26th August, 2008 “Thailand’s diplomatic drives, including involving the U.S president in the disputes, is nothing short of dishonesty. Thailand was vehemently opposed to Cambodia taking the issue to the international stage by saying that it is … Continue reading

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>When Thailand Cries Wolf

> Opinion by Khmerization2nd August 2008 “Thailand has come to the negotiations because it has no choice due to international condemnation but most importantly, it came to the negotiating table as a mean to buy time and prolong the occupation … Continue reading

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