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>Hok Lundy: The Death of a Murderer

> Opinion by Khmerization 11th November, 2008 “Hok Lundy’s death is a gain for the humanity because his death means that Cambodian has rid one of the worst human right abusers Cambodia has ever had.” In Buddhism, karma has been … Continue reading

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>The Siem Reap Agreement: What does it mean?

> Opinion by Khmerization 25th October 2008 “Cambodia has a lot to lose, because the agreement has given Thailand the de jure basis for a continued Thai occupation of the Cambodian territories. This agreement, if anything at all, has given … Continue reading

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>Hun Sen: A Master of Tactician or A Master of Fools?

> “By a swift change of policy, PM Hun Sen has proved that he is a seasoned politician who has no long term solution to Cambodian social ills and economic woes. His quick fix to the chronic problems is cosmetic … Continue reading

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>Angkor Wat Entrance Fees: Son Chhay ‘Versus’ Hun Sen: Who Is Lying?

> “If the numbers of visitors published in the Ministry Of Tourism is correct then Mr. Hun Sen and Sok An must return the missing $US30 million to the State Treasury. If not, a case of breach of trust or, … Continue reading

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>Debate Or Not To Debate: Hun Sen Is Ducking For Cover?

> “The debate should take place, with or without Mr. Hun Sen. The democratisation process in Cambodia must be moving forward. No one, not even a prime minister of a country, can hinder this process.” Editorial by Khmerization:- Mr Kem … Continue reading

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>Thailand Is Bullying France and Cambodia Over “Ancient Maps”

> “Cambodia should insist on using the 1907 treaty maps to settle any border disputes with Thailand because they are the correct maps…….Cambodia had been abused, raped and pillaged by her neighbours since time immemorial. It is time her neighbours … Continue reading

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